April 18th, 2019


Business Representative, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 1245

Policy and Research Specialist, World Institute on Disability

Former Commissioner, California Public Utilities Commission

Former Commissioner, California Public Utilities Commission

Energy Reporter, San Francisco Chronicle

Executive Director, The Utility Reform Network

Senior Manager, Western States Energy, Union of Concerned Scientists


PG&E has had a bad few years. A series of record-breaking wildfires culminating with 2018’s devastating Camp Fire propelled the California utility giant into lawsuits, $30 billion in liabilities and, ultimately, bankruptcy. Under new state laws, regulated utilities will have a hard time avoiding blame in fires where their equipment is involved—so what’s ahead for PG&E’s peers and their shareholders when a deadly blaze could spell bankruptcy? What happens when the California dream of living near nature is in direct conflict with disruptive tragedies fueled by climate change?

Join us with energy and utility experts Alex Ghenis, Dian Grueneich, Loretta Lynch, J.D. Morris, Hunter Stern, Mark Toney, and Laura Wisland for a discussion on the future of investor-owned utilities, renewable power, and winners and losers in an energy market hammered by climate disruption.