Monday, August 5th, 2019 6:30 pm


Reporter, the Wall Street Journal; Author, Superpower: One Man's Quest to Transform American Energy


Wind power: it’s leading America’s renewable energy portfolio, 70% less expensive than a decade ago, and employs over 114,000 Americans. But like any industry transforming America’s energy landscape, the road to success is rarely smooth.

In his new book Superpower: One Man's Quest to Transform American Energy, Russell Gold tells the story of wind power’s pioneers, who persevered through myriad economic and infrastructural hurdles to make wind a major energy resource — approaching one tenth of the country’s electricity supply. How are midwestern farmers and landowners central to this success story? Will wind ever beat out fossil fuels in states like Wyoming, where the odds are politically stacked?

Join us for a conversation with author and reporter Russell Gold about an industry looking to redesign the U.S. energy landscape.