Adam Davis

Managing Partner, Ecosystem Investment Partners

Adam Davis is a Managing Partner at Ecosystem Investment Partners, a private equity investment firm focused on delivering market rate returns to investors through ecological restoration. EIP investments restore wetlands and streams across the United States, and provide cost effective compliance with environmental laws as well as regionally significant restoration outcomes to public and private sector customers. Davis has over thirty years experience in owning and running businesses that align economic incentives with environmental outcomes, and has focused specifically on mechanisms that enable land-based offsets and the financial value of natural systems since the late 1990’s. Along with his partners, he is involved in all aspects of EIP investment and company operation, and he heads up national policy engagement as a board member of the trade association that EIP is active in, the Ecological Restoration Business Association (“ERBA”).  

Adam originally hails from Baltimore, earned a BA from Cornell University, and now lives with his family in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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