Amy Myers Jaffe

Executive Director, Energy and Sustainability, UC Davis Graduate School of Management

This pattern where we decide that there’s some competition between jobs and environmental protection, this is a stupid idea… We, the public, are smarter than this. We need to stand up and say, ‘we care about both things and we want them to be done in a way that both are protected.’

Amy Myers Jaffe notices trends in the way we treat oil, from hybrid cars to fracking. As Executive Director of Energy and Sustainability at the UC Davis, Jaffe leads research on comparative pathways for alternative fuels as part of the Next STEPS program (Sustainable Transportation Energy Pathways). With this expertise, Jaffe is associate North American editor for the academic journal Energy Strategy Reviews and has testified on Capitol Hill on energy matters.

Jaffe co-authored Oil, Dollars, Debt and Crises: The Global Curse of Black Gold. The Baker Institute Energy Forum, of which she was the founding director, won the prestigious Adelman-Frankel award for its unique and innovative contribution to the field of energy and economics in 2012.

Amy Myers Jaffe's Simple Shift

I just bought a C-Max Ford plug-in car. I can do my errands in Davis, California without resorting to gasoline. I work in the West Village at UC Davis, which is a net zero renewable energy city.

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