Aron Cramer

President and CEO, Business for Social Responsibility

We waste a third of the food that we buy, we waste a third of the energy that’s generated, we waste a comparable amount of water in this country, and that’s throwing money away.

Aron Cramer predicts that if the market demand for sustainable products increased, our economy would no longer be fueled by massive levels of consumption. As President and CEO of Business for Social Responsibility, Cramer is recognized globally as a preeminent authority on corporate responsibility and sustainability strategy. On a day-to-day basis, Aron advises senior executives at more than 250 member companies and other global businesses and is regularly featured as a speaker at major events and in a range of top-tier media outlets.

Aron is co-author of the book Sustainable Excellence: The Future of Business in a Fast-Changing World. Previously Aron practiced law in San Francisco and worked as a journalist at ABC News in New York.

Aron Cramer's Simple Shift

I read a book a couple years ago by a woman named Sarah Murray who talked about how food travels. She basically learned to debunk the notion of food models by saying, 'The impact on your food purchasers come more from how you get to and from the store than how the food got to the store.' And so I take part, I buy my food daily, I don't add any more miles to my journey to get food. That's hopefully making some impact.

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