May 18th, 2022


Partner, Rhodium Group

Deputy Secretary, US Department of Energy

Director, Global Climate Strategy, Sunrise Project


As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and other economic pressures disrupt global energy markets, even insiders are scrambling to make sense of this moment. Is this when fossils strike back or when renewables surge to gain market share? Or can both be true in different ways and timeframes? 


The Biden administration has signaled it wants more oil and gas now to ease pain at the pump ahead of the upcoming midterm elections while also maintaining its support of cutting carbon emissions. Is that good politics or good policy? What does that mean for leasing on federal lands, offshore drilling, and support of new infrastructure that would be in operation for decades?  Windfall profit taxes, EV subsidies, energy tax incentives and other policies are also being buffeted by turmoil that rivals the 1973 oil shock that remade America’s energy landscape in major ways. 


Join us for a conversation about U.S. energy markets and policies with views from inside and outside the Biden administration.