Thursday, February 7th, 2019 6:30 pm


Founder, Chorus Foundation

Executive Director, The Solutions Project

President and CEO, ClimateWorks Foundation

Executive Director, Autodesk Foundation

Science and Environment Editor, Inside Philanthropy


Large, established foundations like Hewlett, Packard, and Bloomberg have been some of the earliest funders addressing climate change. But grantmakers and grantseekers are not always fans of their policy-centric and top-down approaches. Meanwhile, a new wave of mid-sized foundations are seeding policies and research institutions that are shaping the future of the climate movement.

Are leaner foundations more attuned to the deep systematic changes needed to get to the roots of the climate crisis? What’s next for organizations looking to support bold action?

Join us for a special two-part discussion on the role and future of climate philanthropy, featuring Farhad Ebrahimi (Founder, Chorus Foundation), Sarah Shanley Hope (Executive Director, The Solutions Project), Charlotte Pera (CEO, ClimateWorks Foundation), Joe Speicher (Executive Director, Autodesk Foundation), and Tate Williams (Reporter, Inside Philanthropy).