July 11th, 2019


Sustainability Officer, Google

Executive Director, Project Drawdown

U.S. Chief Executive Officer, Pathfinder International


Today’s solutions for addressing climate change are doable, but daunting: decrease global meat consumption, improve family planning, shut down coal-fired power plants, or expand solar energy? Before diving into a plethora of solutions, a vigorous debate needs to be had about how to allocate resources, prioritize policies, and design economic tradeoffs as we move forward.

Project Drawdown has rigorously evaluated a universe of options for reversing climate change, zeroing in on those that don’t require economic overhauls or fairytale breakthroughs in technology. If the solutions are available now, why aren’t they being implemented at scale? Can a climate crisis be averted by Drawdown's "top 10" action list? What are the most impactful steps we can take individually and collectively to reduce our impact on the planet?

A conversation with Kate Brandt, lead sustainability officer at Google, Jonathan Foley, executive director of Project Drawdown, and Lois Quam, CEO of Pathfinder International for a conversation on the actionable and inspirational side of tackling climate change.