April 16th, 2020


Director, National Economic Council; Former Global Head of Sustainable Investing, BlackRock

Portfolio Manager, Parnassus Investments

CEO, Oil and Gas Climate Initiative

Director of Board Governance & Strategy, CalPERS



When institutional investors divest from fossil fuel companies does it have more than symbolic impact? Universities, pension funds and other asset managers have hopped on the divest-invest bandwagon. Critics say selling fossil fuel stocks just makes them cheaper for others to buy and doesn’t affect the financial health of oil and gas companies. Supporters say it’s a moral move that also makes financial sense because burning all the carbon on the balance sheets of listed energy companies will destroy human civilization as we know it. 

What’s the bottom line on divestment? What should you do with your portfolio? A conversation about financing the transition to a cleaner economy with Brian Deese, global head of sustainable investing at Black Rock, Lori Keith, portfolio manager at Parnassus Investments, Pratima Rangarajan, CEO of the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative, and Anne Simpson, director of board governance and strategy at CalPERS.

This program is generously underwritten by Bank of the West. Read more about their sustainable policies here.