December 6th, 2018


Director, Soil Centric

Managing Director, Evok Innovations

Executive Director, Carbon180


The math is clear: lowering greenhouse gas emissions is not enough to keep the earth below 1.5 degrees Celsius of post-industrial warming. The latest science states that actively removing carbon from the atmosphere — storing it in rocks, soil, trees, and even turning it into products like concrete — is critical to restore the carbon and energy balance. To keep our planet from dangerous levels of warming, we’ll need to go carbon negative.

Is carbon removal a cost-effective solution to addressing climate change? Which natural and technological approaches are the most promising? We sit down with with Diana Donlon, Director of Soil Centric, Mike Biddle, Managing Director at Evok Innovations, and Noah Deich, Executive Director at Carbon180 to discuss the necessary negatives for a stable climate.