Tuesday, February 26th, 2019 6:30 pm


Founder, Fenton Communications

Senior Research Scientist, Stanford University

Executive Director, National Center for Science Education

Climate Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


The world is warming, so why is the Midwest suffering record cold temperatures? How is global warming impacting oceans? What’s the connection between wildfires and climate change?

Climate science is complex, vast, and often difficult to understand. We’ll explain the fundamental basics you’ll need to answer friends and family who ask about climate change—or question if it’s even happening.

Join us for climate science 101 with communication gurus Ann Reid (National Center for Science Education) and David Fenton (Fenton Communications), along with science experts Ben Santer (UC Berkeley) and Katharine Mach (Stanford University), who will debunk common myths that arise from distortions of accepted science.