Tuesday, April 30th, 2019 6:30 pm


Former U.S. Representative (R-PA)

Former U.S. Representative (R-FL)


The Green New Deal is shaking up climate politics in Washington. Sponsored by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Edward Markey, the resolution’s ambitious clean energy goals are championed by several leading Democrats — but are criticized by Republicans for being costly and unrealistic. With an increasing number of Green New Deal alternatives being put forward by Democrats, the pressure is on Republicans to propose an actionable climate plan of their own.

When it comes to climate politics, is the U.S. getting closer to bipartisan solutions that are both practical and profound enough to address the scale of the problem? We’ll hear from former Rep. Carlos Curbelo, (R-FL) co-founder of the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus in Congress, who introduced a carbon tax bill in 2018; and former Rep. Ryan Costello (R-PA), who now manages the political advocacy group Americans for Carbon Dividends, funded in part by oil companies.

Join us for a conversation about the politics of energy leading up to the 2020 campaign.