March 15th, 2023


Assistant to the President and White House National Climate Advisor


Energy and infrastructure are taking center stage as President Biden’s team fans across the country touting his accomplishments and the benefits they bring to American families. Biden’s policy wins have secured vast amounts of funding, and that money is just beginning to flow, with new programs becoming available to everyday Americans. With hundreds of billions tagged for chip and battery plants, climate smart agriculture, rail, modernizing the electric grid and tax incentives for citizens to run their homes and cars on electricity, ensuring these dollars and programs have real impact is now the name of the game.

White House National Climate Advisor Ali Zaidi plays a leading role in coordinating the implementation of the biggest investments in clean energy the U.S. has ever made. Join Climate One Host Greg Dalton in person with Ali Zaidi as we navigate the complicated maze of industrial policy intended to grow the economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.