April 19th, 2017


Co-founder, #GrabYourWallet

Executive Director, Greenpeace USA


The campaign to pressure retail companies to distance themselves from Trump brands claimed victory when Nordstrom’s dropped Ivanka Trump’s brand and Uber CEO Travis Kalanick resigned from the President’s business advisory council. What did that really accomplish other than a “gotcha moment?” Isn’t it good for Trump to be influenced by business leaders grounded in reality?

Research shows some campaigns to pressure companies have mixed results. Some win, a few get traction and then fizzle and many never go anywhere. The campaign to pressure banks financing the Dakota Access Pipeline has landed some punches, but will it stop the pipeline? It remains to be seen. A success story is the campaign to pressure Facebook to run its data centers on clean energy rather than coal. Greenpeace cleverly used Facebook for its “unfriend coal” campaign and ultimately the tech giant pledged to move gradually to 100 percent clean power.

Join a conversation on pressuring companies and personal brands. What works, what doesn’t and what can you do if you care about putting your money to work in the move to a cleaner economy.