November 6th, 2017


Television Host, Science Educator

Filmmaker, Bill Nye: Science Guy


As the Science Guy, television’s Bill Nye inspired a generation of children to love science as much as he does. But these days, he’s speaking to a new audience. "Nowadays I’m talking to adults," says Nye, "and I’m not mincing words. The climate is changing, it’s our fault, and we’ve gotta get to work on this!"  

Since ending his program in 1999, Nye and his famous bow tie have taken on a new challenge: stopping the spread of anti-scientific thinking across the world. In a new documentary, director Jason Sussberg shadows Nye as he goes toe-to-toe with outspoken climate deniers and travels the world to show the causes and effects of climate change.

A recent Climate One audience, largely made up of young admirers, was entertained by Nye as he related stories from his travels and explorations, and offered advice for aspiring young scientists.

“I became an engineer because I like bicycles and airplanes,” Nye told them. “They’re fun.”

He went on to challenge them to use their ideas to make the world a better place.

“There’s three things we want for everybody in the world,” Nye said. “We want clean water, renewably produced reliable electricity, and access to the …with those three things we could, I believe provide a high-quality life for everyone on earth. [And] for that…we’re gonna need everybody working together.”

Nye’s enthusiasm was contagious as he exhorted the rapt audience to “get ‘er done!”

“So we are in charge here,” he reminded them. “We are running the planet, and we have to take responsibility for it.  

“And so it is terrifying and cool.  It is sobering and empowering and you are gonna be a big part of that.  Go get ‘em.  Save the world!”

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– Anny Celsi