March 1st, 2018


President, Conservatives for Energy Freedom, Co-Founder, Tea Party Movement

Executive Committeewoman, Democratic National Committee


Republicans and Democrats are not always as divided on climate as Washington makes it. This episode features two guests from opposites side of the aisle who’ve found common ground advocating for clean energy – one, a member of the political establishment, and the other, an insurgent who’s shaking it up.  

Debbie Dooley, President of Conservatives for Energy Freedom, was one of the original founders of the Tea Party and is a staunch supporter of Donald Trump.  She works in many states around the country advocating for competition and consumer choice in energy markets.

“Being good stewards of the environment God gave us should not be a partisan issue,” says Dooley. Her journey to becoming a clean energy advocate began with

She describes how she started investigating clean energy and solar and found out a lot of the things that I had been told for years about solar energy were not true. And so I began to be a very strong solar energy advocate.  

Christine Pelosi is Executive Committeewoman of the Democratic National Committee.  She’s the daughter of House minority leader Nancy Pelosi, and runs a boot camp that trains aspiring Democratic politicians.

“If you took out the big money and you took out the money that's funding the think tank based studies and you just looked at the facts, I would bet you most of the decisions would be made closer to where the people are,” she says. “I think there is a climate action majority in the country.”