August 14th, 2018


Author, No Good Alternative: Volume 2 of Carbon Ideologies

National Director, Green For All


Idu Sarker lost his leg in a coal mining accident in Bangladesh and now is struggling to find work in the country’s coal region. His fellow workers tell author William Vollmann that “there is no substitute” for coal and they are unfamiliar with the concept of global warming. Many workers around the world are working in oil, gas and coal just to make a decent living. In Vollmann’s extensive travels in Appalachia and other energy-producing regions of the country he portrays the lives of laborers and executives in different parts of the vast fossil fuel system that drives the global economy, exploring how many are captives of an economy run on carbon.

Michelle Romero advocates on behalf of people of color in the United States who often live in fenceline communities near factories and refineries. She supports a price on carbon pollution and is fighting efforts to dismantle climate and clean energy progress.

Join us for a conversation about the people in the fossil fuel economy and others trying to build a new energy economy.