Adam Anderson

Technical Director

Since 2011, Adam has been working with Greg Dalton and Climate One helping to facilitate the capture, creation and delivery of the live audience experience & studio recordings of the Climate One TV, radio and internet broadcasts. He brings to the table a wide array of tools & knowledge stemming from decades of production experience both on & off the set. He is a true independent with a fresh eye and robust technical background.

Adam likes to stay active in the San Francisco Bay Area film community, working on ways to expand awareness through leadership, cinema and direct action. The power of storytelling and Adam's passion for photography led him to San Francisco during the end of the first dot-com craze. There, he honed his craft while studying classic film techniques at the Academy of Art, eventually receiving his BA in Motions Pictures & Television with an emphasis in Cinematography. He also loves water sports, snow skiing and camping in the Redwoods.