Adam Lowry

Co-Founder and Chief Greenskeeper, Method Products

We’re demonstrating that what people say is impossible, actually is possible...I believe [in] taking the first most important step towards addressing the ocean plastic pollution problem.

Adam Lowry wants to shift the burden of sustainability from consumers' shoulders into manufacturers' hands. It was this idea that led Lowry and his childhood friend, Eric Ryan, to create Method, a company that makes eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning products. At the time, Lowry was a chemical engineer working as a climate scientist at the Carnegie Institution of Science, with prior experience using biodegradable and recycled materials for car components. Method reincorporated in 2013 as a public benefit corporation, strengthening the commitment to the social and environmental ethics on which it was founded.

Adam was named Catto Fellow at the Aspen Institute and has been honored as one of Vanity Fair’s Global Citizens and PETA's Person of the Year for his pioneering work on sustainable business and product design.

Adam Lowry's Simple Shift

I probably fit all of the disgusting Northern California stereotype so [Laughter] I’ve got a house with solar panels on the roof and I have an electric car and that I don’t drive very much because I bike to work and eat mostly vegetarian and all of the things that are popular in Northern California.

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