Arnav Dev Gupta

Audio Engineer

Arnav Dev Gupta brings a global and culturally rich perspective to the Climate One team. Born in England, raised in India and Singapore, Arnav made his way to the United States in 2013 to focus his interests at UCLA and Berklee College Of Music (Boston).

Growing up in a family of engineers and intellectuals, Arnav was encouraged to pursue a career in engineering. His admittance into UCLA's School Of Engineering could have sealed the deal. Instead, he made a bold move coast to coast to combine his music and engineering passions towards a degree in Music Production.

At Climate One, Arnav applies his trained ear to the host voice-over sessions with Greg Dalton — who refers to Arnav as his "host-whisperer" — and promises a high-quality standard across the board. He is an active participant, both intellectually and emotionally, in the critical issues addressed by climate industry experts (and skeptics). Arnav enjoys Climate One's inter-personal storytelling to understand the core elements rooted in social issues, ranging from the climate crisis to re-examining value-systems. Arnav enjoys playing various musical instruments, watching thought-provoking movies, and looks to nature for continuous amazement to blow off steam.