Arun Majumdar

Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Co-Director at the Precourt Institute for Energy, Stanford

If you are transitioning to renewable energy sources, getting storage out there at low cost — the cost is very important — would be a game changer.

Arun Majumdar is confident that efficient energy storage will change the game. That's just one aspect of his message as the Jay Precourt Provostial Chair Professor at Stanford University, where he is also Co-Director at the Precourt Institute for Energy. Between March 2011 and June 2012, Majumdar also served as the Acting Under Secretary of Energy, and a Senior Advisor to the Secretary of Energy. Majumdar firmly believes that federal subsidies can provide vital funding for nascent disruptive technologies.

Majumdar served as Director of Energy Initiatives at Google, where he created several energy technology initiatives and advised the company on its broader energy strategy. Madjumdar has served on the U.S. Secretary of Energy’s Advisory Board, the Council for the National Academy of Engineering and the Electric Power Research Institute, as well as the Science Board of the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Arun Majumdar's Simple Shift

One of the things we did in our home, we have a house in Orinda which is right across in the other side of the hills, we painted our roof white and we call it the White House. ... And the interesting thing I mean there’s a lot of carbon implications of that but it frankly it’s just cooler. So in the heat of summer, we don’t have to turn on our AC. And that turned out to be a great thing.

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