Bettina Boxall

Reporter, LA Times

The operation of our dams and reservoirs now is very programmed, and it’s programmed according to old climate models. So that has to change.

Bettina Boxall thinks that southern California is leaps and bounds ahead of northern California when it comes to regional self-sufficiency. As a Reporter for the Los Angeles Times, Boxall covers water issues and the environment. She began her journalism career as a photographer at a small Texas daily and reported for newspapers in Vermont and New Jersey before joining the LA Times in 1987. In 2009 she shared the Pulitzer Prize for explanatory reporting with colleague Julie Cart for a five-part series that explored the causes and effects of escalating wildfire in the West.

Boxall earned her B.A. in journalism from University of Maine, Orono in 1974.

Bettina Boxall's Simple Shift

I'm very proud that I do not have a blade of grass in my property. I have decomposed granite and and succulents in my front yard. I put in native California plants. My peak water consumption has gone down by half. During the winter, I'm really not irrigating at all. I have high-efficiency water appliances. There was one water bill last year during the winter when I wasn’t irrigating at all that was down to 25 gallons per day and I went, “Yes!”

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