David Crane


The science is beyond dispute. The excuse that we don’t have the technology is just not true anymore, we have the technology. And we are starting to see a series of leaders in very large companies that really believe this, not only because they want to position their company in a particular place, but what they want their personal legacy to be is a commitment to sustainability.

David Crane wants his personal legacy to be a commitment to sustainability. Since becoming President and CEO of NRG Energy, the largest solar power developer in the country, Crane has led its transformation from a regional wholesale generation business to a national, Fortune 250 energy company. NRG now has enough generating capacity to power 42 million homes. NRG's clean energy efforts include repowering and retrofitting older coal plants and building the nation's largest privately funded network of electric vehicle fast-charging stations.

Prior to joining NRG Energy, Crane served as CEO of International Power PLC, a United Kingdom-based wholesale power generation company. He also served as a Senior Vice President in the Global Power Group at Lehman Brothers.

David Crane's Simple Shift

I will say for the record that NRG does not have a corporate plane and, you know, my corporate plane is row 36 on United Airlines.

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