Dianne Feinstein

United States Senator (D-CA)

There is no question in my view that we are on our way to a much drier climate. We are on it because of global warming. We are on our way to [California’s] major source of water, which is the Sierra Nevada snowpack, drying up, and it’s very serious.

Dianne Feinstein has faith that people will come to support a carbon fee. As a United States Senator for California, Feinstein focuses on bipartisan legislation on big issues. In her over two decades of work, that has meant helping to strengthen the nation's security both here and abroad, combat crime and violence, and protect natural resources in California and across the country. Prior to joining the senate, she broke barriers as the first female president of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and the first female mayor of San Francisco.

Feinstein is a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Senate Appropriations Committee, where she chairs the Subcommittee on Energy and Water. She has served as a member of the Aspen Strategy Group since 1997.

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