John Cushman

Author, Keystone and Beyond

Are we going to accept the new science on climate change and are we going to act in a way to address that with the needs of the next couple of generations in mind?

John Cushman sees that even big oil companies in Canada have the ability to produce solar and nuclear electricity. As the author of Keystone and Beyond, Cushman tells the definitive account of the Keystone XL pipeline saga. He began his investigative career as a writer and editor in Washington, D.C. in 1978. Cushman has written extensively about energy, the environment, industry and military affairs, also covering financial and transportation beats, and editing articles across the full spectrum of national and international policy for the Washington bureau of The New York Times.

Cushman served on the board of governors of the National Press Club and was its president in the year 2000. He has taught brief courses in media and environmental law at the Vermont Law School.

John Cushman's Simple Shift

I think it's a mistake to pat ourselves on the back for doing things like, "I don't fly very often." I flew out here. You can buy carbon credits. They're cheaper than trip insurance and your carbon footprint for that trip has been resolved, but that's not the job that is going to be the most effective in solving this problem. The job of a journalist in addressing a problem like climate change is to get the truth in front of the public, and to tell the story objectively as it is, not to be deceived by those who are attempting to deceive you, not to be cowed by those who are attempting to cow you... That's my job as a communicator engaged in the climate business.

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