Kelli Pennington

Director of Audience Engagement

Kelli Pennington launched her career hoping to change the cultural trends of waste and excess. She joined Climate One as Director of Audience Engagement and is excited to be reaching out to the ever-growing climate community and elevating the conversation about climate change.

She credits her climate conscience to her years working for Patagonia Inc., where she worked as a social media editor and supported their “Vote the Environment” campaign touring the west coast with Wilco. She then joined Conservacion Patagonica to support large-scale conservation projects in Chile and Argentina as well as numerous book projects related to key environmental issues such as energy and overpopulation.

Kelli earned an MA in international relations and an MBA in finance from Seton Hall University, during which she ran the school’s academic journal and worked for Council on Foreign Relations. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Middle Eastern history from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.