Kristine Tompkins

Former CEO, Patagonia

Eventually civilization has to come to terms with the fact that there are other ways of managing human societies, because this one is not sustainable.

Kristine Tompkins envisions civilization eventually finding a way to sustainably manage human societies. As the founder of Conservacion Patagonica, Tompkins has, together with her husband, protected more land than any other private individual. Her career began as the CEO of Patagonia. Through her leadership the company began to give 10 percent of their annual to profit to radical environmental organizations. Now, through conservancy, Tompkins strives to support ecologically grounded local economies and meaningful work for individuals and communities.

The Tompkins' first project was the creation of Pumalin Park, a private initiative to create a public-access nature preserve in the threatened Valdivian temperate rainforest.

Kristine Tompkins's Simple Shift

I think that we have a general philosophy in our family of low consumption. I think you see it more aptly in our work and the efforts toward the type of machinery we use, and the type of management decisions we make on our farms and within the conservation areas.

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