Rich Thau

Moderator, The Swing Voter Project; Co-founder and President, Engagious

Rich Thau is the president of Engagious. His company is the industry leader in scientifically testing and refining the effectiveness of business and issue-advocacy content, moment-to-moment. The firm helps its clients become more successful by applying the power of behavioral science and social psychology to dial test focus groups.


Thau is also the moderator of the high-profile Swing Voter Project, which Engagious  conducts in partnership with Axios. Each month, Thau moderates focus groups with “Trump-Biden” swing voters to probe on attitudes towards policies debated in Washington. 


Thau’s recommendations have shaped the national debates over Social Security, climate change, prescription drug pricing, and tax reform. His firm’s policy messaging projects have focused on clean energy, housing affordability, immigration, trade, financial services, foreign policy, government spending, healthcare, the Jones Act, labor/management issues, and franchising.

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