TJ Glauthier

Professor, School of Earth Sciences, Stanford University

I think that natural gas has a very important role to play in our conversion to a cleaner economy and a cleaner future. … The issue with gas and fracking is that we need to regulate it well.

TJ Glauthier is adamant about the need for more transparency when it comes to fracking. As the former Deputy U.S. Secretary of Energy, Glauthier serves as an advisor to companies in the energy and cleantech sector, including venture capital firms and their start-up companies, alternative energy companies, and global transportation companies. He has been the President of TJ Energy Associates, LLC since 2005.

Glauthier holds a bachelor of arts in Mathematics from Claremont McKenna College and an MBA from Harvard Business School. He also served on President Obama's White House Transition Team, where he focused primarily on the energy portion of the economic stimulus bill.

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