Tony Juniper

Author, What Has Nature Done For Us? How Money Really Does Grow on Trees

The economy is a wholly owned subsidiary of nature, not the other way around. The longer we continue to see this fool’s trade-off and plunder nature in order to promote growth in the short term, the further we get to jeopardizing the future prospects for growth because we’re essentially removing the basis of it.

Tony Juniper sees investing in nature as a huge opportunity for big businesses. As the author of What Has Nature Done For Us? How Money Really Does Grow on Trees, Juniper summarizes the elements of nature that are beneficial to humanity, from soil that stores carbon to wetlands that reduce the impacts of coastal natural disasters. Drawing from his decades of experience as an environmental activist, Juniper worked as a Special Advisor to the Prince of Wales Charities' International Sustainability Unit.

Juniper is also the author of Saving Planet Earth and Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World. He has advised companies including Danone, Interserve, and Skanska, assisting with their sustainability strategies.

Tony Juniper's Simple Shift

We have a very efficient home. We have a very efficient vehicle. The vehicle doesn't get used very much. We cycle and walk everywhere and we grow quite a bit of our own food in the allotment that we have nearby. We recycle pretty much all of our waste.

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