Tupper Hull

Vice President of Strategic Communications, Western States Petroleum Association

Our members have an obligation to supply [the California] market day in and day out and they’re going to do it as safely and at the lowest possible cost they can.

Tupper Hull insists that the oil industry is making huge progress towards a lower carbon future. As Vice President of Strategic Communications for the Western States Petroleum Association, Hull is dedicated to ensuring that Americans have reliable access to petroleum and petroleum products. He has become the media face of the organization, often speaking on topics like fracking, gas prices, and carbon dependence.

Hull has been working in communications strategy for over a decade.

Tupper Hull's Simple Shift

We have buckets in our showers to capture the water. I drive as efficient a vehicle as I can including the racecar that I drive which has a very small motor and takes very little fuel, so small steps.

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