Whendee Silver

Professor of Environmental Science, UC Berkeley

We also have to be reasonable in how we use [animal proteins] and think about our own personal footprint and impact. People just need to become more aware and think about their habits.

Whendee Silver thinks that everybody, no matter where they are, needs to go for longevity the best they can. As a Professor of Environmental Science at UC Berkeley, Silver's research interests are in the field of ecosystem ecology and the relationships among nutrient cycling, land-use, and biodiversity. Currently her lab group is working on themes linking climate and plant community characteristics in tropical forests.

Silver earned her Ph.D. in Ecosystem Ecology from Yale University in 1992 and her M.S. in Forest Science from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies in 1987.

Whendee Silver's Simple Shift

I've learned a lot from my 13-year-old son who doesn’t have the same consumptions patterns, having grown up in Berkeley, that I grew up with in Southern California. I've learned to use less. We had a big drought here in California a few years ago. We used a lot less water, and our energy bills went down. We realized, “Well, we didn’t need to use all that water. We got by just fine.”

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