excerpted from 2016: From Paris To Trump
Recorded on December 2016

2016: From Paris to Trump (Full Program)


President-elect Trump’s enthusiastic embrace of fossil fuels and rejection of the Paris climate deal is the earthshaking story of 2016. That surprise change is casting doubt on clean energy efforts across the board and sending climate-conscious people into a deep funk.

However, the rest of the year had news stories that were very different. Major energy stories this year range from the large number of reservations for Tesla’s mid-priced sedan to surges in clean energy jobs. Recent headlines also include PG&E’s unexpected announcement it will close the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant and the bankruptcy of SunEdison, once a darling of the solar industry.

Join us for a look back at an active year in technology, innovation, policy and a look ahead at what the Trump presidency means for cleaning up the American economy.

Speakers at this Event

Energy Reporter, San Francisco Chronicle

Senior Writer & Analyst, GreenBiz

Reporter, Wall Street Journal