excerpted from Rising Seas, Rising Costs
Recorded on February 2014

Andrew Behar on Exxon Mobil and Climate Change


Exxon Mobil made headlines in early 2014 for saying, "We are confident that none of our hydrocarbon reserves are now or ever will become stranded."  According to Andrew Behar, CEO of As You Sow, "What's interesting is that that statement came out the same day as the IPCC5 report came out. They came out, like, basically within an hour of each other.  And the reason that Exxon said that they don't see any risks, is  because they said, 'We must uplift the poor and the impoverished and the vulnerable of the world through burning our fossil fuels.'"

Speakers at this Event

Former Mayor, Redwood City; Member, Metropolitan Transportation Commission

Executive Director, Bay Conservation and Development Commission

Chief of Staff, San Francisco International Airport

Sustainable Development Policy Director, SPUR