Recorded on May 2011

Build a Better Cow?


Climate One at the Commonwealth Club discusses Wal-Mart's sustainability practices with Ed Humes, author of Force of Nature: The Unlikely Story of Wal-Mart's Green Revolution. How far does Wal-Mart's green reach extend? The corporate giant managed to change the dairy industry through the significance of their partnership. "It sounds like we're up here singing Wal-Mart's praises," says Humes. "This isn't a chorus of 'Wal-Mart is fabulous.' It's a very specific change in the way they've decided to do business, which is to try and be more sustainable because it makes economic sense to do so. [Wal-Mart] made it safe for other companies to have the same conversation about sustainability because they've shown maybe it's not so crazy and risky after all. I think they are a large reason why sustainability is even a word that big businesses talk about."

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Author, Force of Nature