excerpted from Political Science
Recorded on December 2012

City Stressors and Vulnerabilities


Scientists Katharine Hayhoe, William Anderegg, and Michael Mann discuss the changes in agriculture, water and energy due to climate change. Michael Mann points out that 2012 been a clear glimpse of what to expect if changes aren't made. "We saw a record storm, a hybrid storm, Hurricane Sandy, which broke previous records for flooding in New York City. And there was certainly a climate change component in the sense that of that 13-foot coastal surge along the mid-Atlantic Coast along the New Jersey Coast and at New York City, at least one foot of that was global sea level rise," says Mann.

Speakers at this Event

NOAA Climate and Global Change Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Environmental Institute, Princeton University

Chief Scientist, The Nature Conservancy; Endowed Professor in Public Policy and Public Law and Paul W. Horn Distinguished Professor, Texas Tech University

Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Science, Penn State University