Climate One TV: Competition for Power


In this episode, Climate One discusses giving Bay Area consumers a choice of where they buy their energy with Matthew Freedman, Staff Attorney, The Utility Reform Network; Geof Syphers, CEO, Sonoma Clean Power; and Dawn Weisz, CEO, Marin Clean Energy. Then we discuss drilling in the Arctic and Amazon with Lou Allstadt, Former Executive Vice President of Mobil Oil, Danielle Fugere, President of As You Sow, René Ortiz, Former Ecuador Oil Minister and Former OPEC Secretary General, and Leila Salazar-Lopez, Executive Director of Amazon Watch. Finally we look at building a resilient San Francisco with Nile Malloy, Former Director of Communities for a Better Environment, Patrick Otellini, Chief Resilience Officer of San Francisco, and Laura Tam, Sustainable Development Policy Director at SPUR.

Competition for Power
Drilling in the Amazon and Arctic
Resilient Cities

Climate One Ep 68 November 2015 TV