excerpted from Down and Dirty
Recorded on January 2015

Cow Poop as a Cause for Celebration


Nicolette Hahn Niman, author of Defending Beef, and UC Berkeley professor Whendee Silver discuss pasture-raised animals and how their waste replenishes the system.  "the biggest greenhouse gas footprint or climate footprint from these industries is from that manure that’s piling up especially in the dairy industry.  If you take that material and you just spread it back out on the rangeland which is what a lot of ranchers do in this region and in the Western US," said Silver.  "you pretty quickly offset any benefit that you would get by adding that material back on growing more grass, pulling more CO2 out of the atmosphere.  But, if you take that material and you mix it with agricultural waste or urban green waste and you compost it, you dramatically lower the rate in which it emits greenhouse gases."

Speakers at this Event

Director, Soil Centric

Author, Defending Beef

Professor of Environmental Science, UC Berkeley