excerpted from Powering Innovation
Recorded on September 2014

David Crane on his NRG Shareholder Letter


David Crane, CEO of NRG, recently wrote a letter to his shareholders that was much different than typical shareholder letters.  "We had the idea that, you know, we should talk about where NRG stands and if there's one thing that you remember about my view of the world right now is, you know, it's time to take a stand right now on this issue [climate change].  Whether you're a public corporation, for profit, a not for profit, a member, you know a thought leader in society, the time is now," said Crane.

Speakers at this Event


Senior Writer & Analyst, GreenBiz

Co-Founder and Chief Greenskeeper, Method Products

Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Co-Director at the Precourt Institute for Energy, Stanford