excerpted from Clean Cloud
Recorded on March 2015

eBay's Choice to Leave ALEC


"eBay’s original reason for working with ALEC was really the work that we do around small business," said Lori Duval, Global Director of Green at eBay.  "But now we see them in actually direct conflict with some of the bigger issues we’re trying to tackle from a green perspective.  And so, you know, it was a robust conversation we had about that relationship.  But ultimately, it was made both from a yes, we don’t want to be seen as contradicting ourselves. [...] But more importantly, showing that we actually are committed to the things we’re committed to where we actually do believe that climate change is a huge challenge and danger to our own business, to our buyers and sellers."

Speakers at this Event

Senior Corporate Campaigner, Greenpeace International

Director, Sustainable Operations, eBay

Global Director, Energy and Sustainability Strategy, Yahoo!

Founder and Executive Director, ClimateVoice; Former Green Energy Czar, Google