excerpted from Clean Cloud
Recorded on March 2015

Facebook Collaborating with Utilities

"We’ve been working collaboratively with now, I don’t know it must be well over 30 companies and half a dozen NGOs to identify policies that would make it easier for us as big corporate consumers to buy renewable energy in a really meaningful way with real additionality and in a cost effective way," said Bill Weihl, Sustainability Guru at Facebook.  "And then to work with utilities and regulators to change those policies and that’s a place where we have real power in the marketplace.  It’s not just about us investing our cash or changing our procurement.  It’s about bringing it to change the whole market."

Speakers at this Event

Senior Corporate Campaigner, Greenpeace International

Director, Sustainable Operations, eBay

Global Director, Energy and Sustainability Strategy, Yahoo!

Founder and Executive Director, ClimateVoice; Former Green Energy Czar, Google