excerpted from Political Science
Recorded on December 2012

Facts versus Fear


Climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe discusses the emotional ties connected to climate change and people's understanding of climate change at Climate One. "I don't believe that facts are enough," says Hayhoe, "this is not necessarily an issue of facts, it's an issue about fear. There's an enormous amount of fear that we are dealing with an issue where the impacts are distant and far away, but the solutions are imminent and people fear them as being very costly and that they are infringing on our freedom, our economy, and our rights."

Speakers at this Event

NOAA Climate and Global Change Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Environmental Institute, Princeton University

Chief Scientist, The Nature Conservancy; Endowed Professor in Public Policy and Public Law and Paul W. Horn Distinguished Professor, Texas Tech University

Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Science, Penn State University