excerpted from Carbon Math
Recorded on November 2012

John Hofmeister and Bill McKibben: Climate Pragmatism


Climate One speaks to John Hofmeister (CEO, Citizens for Affordable Energy; Former President, Shell Oil Company) and Bill McKibben (Founder, 350.org) on climate change and the methods of dealing with it. In response to Climate One host Greg Dalton's question on whether the fossil fuel industry should invest more in clean energy, Hofmeister points out that there is currently research in oil companies to figure out what its competitive advantage is to earn returns for their shareholders. Bill McKibben points out that "one of the ways [to combat climate change] is overcoming the fossil fuel industry's unwillingness to put a price on carbon. ... Only the fossil fuel industry gets to pour CO2 out without a price."

Speakers at this Event

Former President, Shell Oil Company; Founder and Chief Executive, Citizens for Affordable Energy

Founder, 350.org