excerpted from Green Latinos
Recorded on February 2014

Latinos as Conservationists


When city, state, or federal governments give a call to action for public utilities, most people picture the people responding to that call as a Birkenstock wearing white woman in a flowery skirt.  Catherine Sandoval of California PUC says that the person who shows up most to a call to action is a Latina.  "Latinas consistently are the ones showing up who are conserving energy and who are conserving water in bigger numbers," says Sandoval, "it's a question not only about saving money in my household bill, but the consciousness of the impact, not just on the familia but on the community, and doing it for the sake of the community."

Speakers at this Event

Commissioner, California Public Utilities Commission

Executive Director, The Greenlining Institute

Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Energy Foundation