excerpted from Rising Seas, Rising Costs
Recorded on February 2014

Sea Levels Encroaching on SFO


Sea levels are rising, and some of San Francisco's most valuable assets are at risk.  San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is one of many assets that are placed along the bay. "We've been well aware of the positioning and we've been building barriers along the shoreline for the last 30 years, some concrete barriers, rock and fill, other vinyl barriers," says E. Julian Potter, Chief of Staff at SFO.  Other players in the Bay Area's planning and transportation industries are beginning to take sea level rise into account as well.  "One of the things we did is the Plan Bay Area, and that's been a huge effort with nine Bay Area counties that put together this plan," says Alicia Aguirre, former Mayor of Redwood City.


Speakers at this Event

Former Mayor, Redwood City; Member, Metropolitan Transportation Commission

Executive Director, Bay Conservation and Development Commission

Chief of Staff, San Francisco International Airport

Sustainable Development Policy Director, SPUR