excerpted from Cheap Gasoline
Recorded on February 2015

Supply and Demand for Oil


"My own view is that if you look at the world's energy situation, there are three demand areas basically, the United States, Europe and China.  And the projections were very different ten years ago for the future economies of two of those areas," said Bill Reilly, Senior Advisor for TPG Capital.  " Economies have slowed in both China and in Europe and in the United States something has happened which I think is really very, very significant.  It's never happened in my career before it started happening about five years ago.  We leveled off in terms of vehicle miles traveled."

Speakers at this Event

Founding Director, Center on Global Energy Policy, Columbia University

Director, California Governor's Office of Planning and Research; Climate Advisor to Governor Newsom

Former U.S. EPA Administrator; Co-Chair, National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill