excerpted from Mountain Meltdown
Recorded on October 2013

Warm Winters and Winter Sports


"Nobody wants to show up at the lodge when there's drizzle going on," says Oregon State University Professor of Geosciences and Hydroclimatology Anne Nolin.  Lower elevations are having a higher frequency of warm winters, which include temperatures above freezing, more rain, and less snow.  These warm winters are having an impact on mom and pop ski shops, which are often located in these lower elevation zones, and dwindling the snow pack.

Speakers at this Event

Author, Deep: The Story of Skiing and the Future of Snow

Professor, Geosciences and Hydroclimatology, Oregon State University

Founder and CEO, Protect Our Winters

President and CEO, Whistler Blackcomb

President and CEO, Aspen/Snowmass

President, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort