excerpted from What Now for California?
Recorded on December 2016

What Now for California? (Full Program)


What’s the future for California with Donald Trump in the White House? Nationally, an overwhelming majority of governors offices and state legislatures are in Republican hands. In California however, Republicans don’t hold any statewide offices and now they have a president and party leader they didn’t embrace during the national election. Democrats remain firmly in control in Sacramento but federal funding for their big-ticket priorities - High Speed Rail, delta tunnels, clean energy - is now in question.

Can California politicians come together after this nasty election to make progress on the border, energy, water, transportation and other concerns?

Join us for an in-depth discussion on what a Trump presidency means for the country and the California dream.

Speakers at this Event

Executive Committeewoman, Democratic National Committee

2016 Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate

Former California State Senator; California Chairman, The Committee for American Sovereignty

California State Assemblymember