Recorded on February 2017

Why Facts Don't Trump the President (Full Program)


Facts are overrated. Sure, they are the concrete foundation of narratives and they should be defended when the president of the United States and his team make false claims. But the obsession with facts can be taken too far at the expense of other deeper means of communication.

George Lakoff says if progressives want to learn from the election of Donald Trump they need to change what they study in college, how they think about facts as adults, understand framing and learn to repeat, repeat, repeat. Robert Rosenthal joins us from The Center For Investigative Reporting to help us understand the importance of facts in reporting.

Join a conversation to learn how you can revise the way you think and talk in this new political world in order to be heard.

Speakers at this Event

Professor Emeritus of Cognitive Science and Linguistics, UC Berkeley

Executive Director, The Center for Investigative Reporting