excerpted from Keystone and Beyond
Recorded on October 2014

Why Hasn't Obama Made a Decision on the Keystone Pipeline?


David Baker, energy reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle, discusses why the Keystone Pipeline has been such a difficult decision for President Obama.  "It's so tough for Obama because not only would approving the pipeline put him at odds with some of his supporters and the environmental community, if he doesn't approve it, well he's pretty gung-ho on fracking oil in the United States, and essentially he'd be saying to Canada, our closest trading partner, neighbor and friend, and ally, "Okay, I'm going to develop my carbon. You, I'd like you to keep yours on the ground. Sorry about that," said Baker.

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Energy Reporter, San Francisco Chronicle

Author, Keystone and Beyond

Trade Commissioner for Science and Technology for Sustainable Technologies, Consulate General of Canada